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Holiday Helper

Holiday Helper 2014

SKU# HH14 The Christmas season is upon us! Now is the time to be offering holiday-related information to our customers to help them be prepared for Christmas when it rolls around. With so many things competing for their time, they need something delivered to them that will create a sense of urgency and encourage them to take action on their holiday purchasing. The Holiday Helper will keep your name fresh in your customer’s minds as they plan their holiday purchases and home decorating projects.

Holiday Helper 2014 examples

I offer a complimentary version of my Holiday Helper tutorials every year. I enjoy sharing what the artists came up with. I totally don’t mind if you use the step-by-step instructions to create projects for your personal-use. I do ask you to please don’t share the information – it’s my gift to you. If that sounds fair to you – request your copy in the form that pops up or here.

If you feel in the mood to share this great information on your blog or via email to your customers, then keep reading as I have a couple of options for you: Tutorials Only and Customer Version with Done for You Newsletters and Blog Posts.



The customer version of the Holiday Helper is created for you to share with your customers.  In the customer version you will receive:

All of which will have only YOUR contact information.

Here is a video showing you how to use the Holiday Helper for your business.

Here’s what some of the SUN members have to say about it:

“These really all look FABULOUS. I think this year’s emails are the best — really nice” -Meg Loven

“I love the emails and the projects” – Joy Mitchell

“Best one yet! The newsletters are wonderful” – Amy Barnes

How long does it take you to create a 6-page, step-by-step project tutorial? An hour, maybe two? And what is your time worth? $25 an hour? What if I told you I would give you 12 step-by-step professionally created holiday project tutorials to share with your customers for under $50. Could you see the saving? Spend more time offering one-to-one personal attention or classes instead. Download my FREE report on 15 Ways to Use the Holiday Helper.


Here’s a sample of the HTML Email:

Holiday Helper Sample Email

Holiday Helper Sample Email

Here’s the 2014 Tutorials

Holiday Helper 2014 Tutorials

If you are using Constant Contact, MailChimp, iContact, VerticleResponse, DBWS or any of these Email Publishing programs, I will be creating for you 12 HTML and Text files to import into your account. I invite you to test out the process with my free trial offer. If you don’t use an email publishing program listed above, it is not a problem. My friend, Linda Melcher (Virtual Assistant) has a service to email the newsletters for you. For more details, please see the FAQ section below. What’s included:


Purchase the Holiday Helper 2014 Newsletters and Blog Posts to Share!

To purchase this version you will be directed to my CraftyPerson Membership Site.  You can start with a FREE Membership to purchase the package.  At this location you will see a profile form where you can enter your contact information in a form and then download the completed projects.  It normally takes me a couple of days to run each tutorial with your name on it.  Just to be on the safe side please allow 5 business days.

Price: $45.00 USD

Buy Newsletters & Blogs


Want to just download the tutorials and not have the newsletter? I’ve made the tutorials available to you to download right away to share with your customers. What a wonderful gift! Please note, in the tutorial only version your contact information is NOT on the tutorials, it’s a generic version.

Purchase the Holiday Helper 2014 Tutorials to Share!

Price: $19.97 USD SALE $10.00


Buy Tutorials Only Now

2014 Artists

I don’t do this alone. There are fabulous demonstrator helpers each year.

Alison SolvenAmy BarnesBarbara HusseyDebbie McNeillDiane DimichFran SabadJulie EdmondsLynsay MahonMary Ellen StitesMeg LovenMelissa IwinskiMichelle HornbackPat ErtmanTammy Fite



Debbie McNeill (debbie@craftyperson.com) puts out a FABULOUS 12 days of Christmas letter that I did last year. My customers LOVED it. I can’t remember when she promotes it, but it really was inexpensive and completely worth every penny!!! – Kimberly Van Diepen


Thank you so much for all of your hard work with the Holiday Helper. This was a really nice way for me to give all of my customers and downline a gift for Christmas filled with projects for reasonable price. <strong>– Kersten Mischka</strong> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

This is the second year I have used the Holiday Helper. I can’t imagine how much work this is for you and I am so appreciative. My customers LOVE it and several of them have told me how they love all the new ideas. I had over 60 people sign up this year and I’m sure I will have even more next time because of word of mouth. I really think your creations have helped me stay in my customers head and this has increased my sales. I had better than average sales in December, which is sometimes a hard month. – Jane Wike ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

….everyone (customers) thoroughly enjoyed it! I had many of them email me at the end thanking me for all my hard work ….. With our other home business that is so busy this time of the year my customers were impressed with how I could “do it all!” thanks for making me look good….again. – Mary Ellen Stites ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

My customers loved the Holiday Helper! The ideas and instructions were great, terrific variety. I love having my customers see all the ways they can use the great stamps, paper and accessories we offer! It was great for me to have something to “gift” to them that also serves as great promotion for my business! – Amy Barnes ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Thank you Debbie for the awesome Holiday Helper. I loved it, it made life so much easier. My customers loved all the great ideas and samples. Thank you again for helping me make December 2007 special for my customers. -Patty May ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

As expected, your holiday helper was fantastic! My customers loved it. You do an awesome job with your newsletters. Keep up the great work! – Lisa Freeman


All I can say is WOW! This is the second year I've subscribed to your Holiday Helper and my customers LOVED IT!! It was a great tool to have my name in front of them every day around the holidays so they could see how much I appreciate them. For the low, nominal fee it has a huge BANG for the buck! Thanks so much for offering it and you can count on me to do it again next year! <strong>– Amanda Coughlin</strong> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I loved this!! I will subscribe each and every year that you do it!!! And, my subscribers LOVED it!! Thanks so much! – Tammy Fite


Deb, thanks so much for all your hard work on the Holiday Helper. My customers LOVED IT! I got so much positive feedback. What a great service to offer during the busiest time of the year. I will definitely be looking for it again next year! <strong>– Terri Mongeon</strong>


Thanks for all you do Debbie!!! You are wonderful to work with and I loved the Holiday Helper this year. Just started sending them out and will continue until all have been sent. - Tiffany Bauer

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What happens after I order the Holiday Helper?

A: You will receive an option immediately after successful payment to login to the membership site for more details. There is marketing material available for you to advertise in the membership site as well. You will then be asked to update a form with your contact information which will be used on all the newsletters. Once you have completed the form, your order will go into a queue to be processed. Depending upon the level of response, it can take up to 7 days to preview your merged newsletters. Once your newsletters are complete, they will be available for your review on the membership site. You can then import them into your email program or I will schedule them in CraftyPerson system. (See below for more information). At that time I would suggest sending an email and/or calling your customers to invite them to subscribe to your Holiday Helper newsletter.

Q: Can I post the newsletter on my blog or share with my downline?

A: In short, No. The Holiday Helper is copyrighted material and provided exclusively for YOU to share with YOUR customer base for marketing your business. Adding the newsletters to your blog would be sharing it in general with the whole wide world. You can provide the tutorials to your customers through emails or printed copies only. Please DO NOT forward to a community or team website, your downline, sideline, or upline. This includes any demonstrators who are on your customer newsletter distribution. Please refer them to my website http://holidayhelper.craftyperson.com instead. Having said that, I’ve added a new feature this year which is the Blog Posts. This includes a picture and some text. This information CAN be posted on your blog or social media sites. This is different than the newsletter and the tutorials though. It’s a teaser.

Q: Do I need to credit the original artists?

A: No. The artists and CraftyPerson Production (me) have given you rights to share the Holiday Helper Customer version with your customers. However, as mentioned above, please do not distribute the information outside of your customer base or claim credit as the original owner for any content. The original artists have that right.

Q: How long does it take before I receive the newsletters?

A: After you submit your contact information via the form on the membership site, your order will go into a queue. Depending upon the level of response, it can take up to 5 business days to preview your merged newsletters.

Q: What am I suppose to do with the marketing material?

A: I will be providing you with blinkies to add to your blog and DBWS to draw the visitor to your site to opt-in to receive the Holiday Helper and become a subscriber. You will need to know the following to use the blinkies: 1) The web address your customers go to request the Holiday Helper (i.e. Subscriber Page) 2) The Picture URL (See Blog) 3) How to post a graphic to a website or blog (See blog) 4) How to add graphics to your blos’s sidebar (See blog)

Q: Is there a Canadian version?

A: Yes, the Holiday Helper presents Canadian pricing, links and promotions. I also changed certain words (color, catalog, favorite) that will be spelled using the Canadian standard. Cool eh? Sorry, the projects do not work for our European demonstrators because of the paper size.

Q: What name will my customers see on all the tutorial documents?

A: All the documents (tutorials and resource materials) will have the following at the footer: Provided by: Your name, web page and phone number. Plus each and every newsletter will have your name, your email address, your website, and your phone number.

Q: What is your refund policy?

A: Due to the nature of the product, there are no refunds, so please take your time to review the information carefully before purchasing. If you have questions about the product, please feel free to sign up for my complimentary copy. If you are not sure of how the product will work for you, please test drive the system by going here. If you have pre-sales questions, please contact the service department.

Q: What type of support is available after purchasing the Holiday Helper?

A: I presume that you are comfortable with using the email program you have chosen. I also provide a way to test drive importing a newsletter into your email program before you purchase. My friend/downline, Linda Melcher, has a Holiday Helper Help Service to assist with implementation. You can also contact my service department and we will do the best we can to assist you.

Q: In the complimentary version there are names of the original artists/demonstrators and promotions for products exclusively for Stampin’ Up! demonstrators. Will these be included in the customer version?

A: Absolution not! I think it is very important that your customers see only one name and that’s yours. I believe there should be no confusion of who your customers should contact. I’m so proud of what the Featured Artists have created and I want to highlight that to each and every demonstrator. But for the customer version, the Featured Artists have given me rights in exchange for services to use the projects. The promotions that are in the complimentary version will be replaced with Stampin’ Up! promotions.

Q: How do most of your customers send out the Holiday Helper to their customers.

A: Most of my customers have an email service, like Constant Contact. They will market their Holiday Helper Newsletters on their blogs, email and DBWS. They schedule their newsletter to start on a certain date (Nov 15) and then they schedule the other newsletter after either every day, every other day or twice a week. They then ask their customer to subscribe by using the forms provided by their email service before the start date. Basically market it just like any other recurring event you would have. Often I will be asked if daily is too much. I don’t think so as long as the subscribers know it is coming, it’s not a problem. Sometimes, waiting a couple of days or a week for the next installment can be agonizing. However, if you infrequently send emails to your subscribers and then all of a sudden it’s a daily email…you will get angry subscribers. It’s all about what type of relationship you have with your subscribers now and how you prepare them for it. Take some time upfront to tell them what they will expect.

Q: What are the advantages of the different email systems?

A: After you purchase the Holiday Helper, you will be asked to complete a form and select an the email system that you will be using. It is very important that you select the appropriate version since there are special requirements for each. If you need assistance implementing the Holiday Helper on your account, my friend and downline, Linda Melcher is available. Please refer to her web page here. Linda is a great resource.

Let me explain all the different email systems:

•Constant Contact: If you currently use Constant Contact, you will want to select this option. With Constant Contact, you will have the freedom to import the Holiday Helper Newsletters into your account. You could just schedule the newsletters at that point to go out to your current subscribers. However, I caution you to instead create a separate distribution list and have your customers request or opt-in to the Holiday Helper Newsletters. Getting 12-14 emails in a row can be a bit overwhelming to some. If you would like to test drive importing a newsletter into Constant Contact before you buy, please visit this link.

•DBWS: The Demonstrator Business Web Site (DBWS) is a must-have tool for any demonstrator, if for no other reason than the online ordering. But Stampin’ Up! continues to add features such as the E-Cards Importing HTML. For more details see my blog post -DBWS E-Cards Import HTML Feature.

•Mail Chimp: If you currently use Mail Chimp or just subscribed, you will want to select this option. Mail Chimp is a free application. Same applies with Constant Contact above.

Other: Buyers who have VerticalResponse, iContact, or similar systems, can still use the Holiday Helper. You will need to check with your provider to see if you can import custom HTML into the system. I have customers who use these systems, but I do not have access to them so I will not be able to provide support. Please feel free to test drive importing a newsletter into the system before you buy; as based on the nature of the product, refunds are not available. At this time the DBWS system is not compatible.

•Your Personal Email System: If your customer list is less than 30 customers you can forward the email from your email account. I will email the newsletters to you and you can forward them out to your customers. I don’t recommend this option as HTML formatting issues can arise but I do have customers that prefer this method so I offer it. I will also supply you with a text version of the newsletter for your convenience. You can cut and paste the text based message (non-graphics) into an email and send it out.

Membership will be available immediately after payment

My products are designed exclusively for Stampin’ Up! demonstrators. Only active Stampin’ Up! demonstrators may purchase For Your Business products. By purchasing this product you agree to these terms and confirm that you are a Stampin’ Up! demonstrator in good standing.


Customer Reviews

I have never had Constant Contact or another service like that. I would like to try it out with my personal email. I send class registrations, etc…that way. Is that because it is a pdf and not html? Would a pdf version be available?

Thank you, Karen

Karen, it’s mainly because there is generally no successful way to import HTML into your email service. The Email Publishing Service always have this option. I have had a couple of my SUN Members who would copy and paste the newsletter into their email program but I don’t recommend it. You can have formatting issues that way. However, if you want to try it out, visit my free trial website at http://freetrail.craftyperson.com.

By Melissa Brown on September 16th, 2010 at 8:34 pm

Debbie, I have a DBWS only. Am I understanding correctly that I can import the newsletters into my DBWS and then send them out? Do you still have to set up a subscriber service or can the newsletter be sent out to a list within DBWS?

Thanks for the help!

Melissa, you can import my SUN Newsletters into DBWS and send to your list you maintain in DBWS. It’s a great new feature. I know you send me your test Holiday Helper and it worked great. I just sent you a sample of my Catalog Helper that was available in the summer. Feel free to send away to your subscribers in DBWS and see how it goes. If you interested in sending out consistent, information-packed newsletters, please consider joining my Stamping Update Newsletter (SUN) Membership. More details at http://www.craftyperson.com.

Stampin’ Successes!

I’m guessing this isn’t up yet? Or maybe my old brain just isn’t finding the right button to push :)

Eagerly waiting to jumpstart my business, and this sounds like it may help!


Nancy, the 2010 version is not available yet. I’m still waiting for two projects to be completed. I’m still hoping it will be available for order at the end of this month. Subscribe to my Marketing & Technology Newsletter as I’ll be sending out details via that means at http://www.craftyperson.com.

I look forward to working with you.

Stamping Successes!

I am interested in getting this program but dont’ see where to get it by itself. I guess I am missing something.

Frances, thank you for your interest in this year’s Holiday Helper. The product is not available for purchase at this time. I’ll be adding a purchase button when it’s ready. In the meantime, have you had a chance to try out the free trial at http://freetrial.craftyperson.com? I highly recommend it so you feel comfortable with how the process works.

Stay tuned!

Thanks for sharing I appreciate all the work it takes to publish these helpers. The One Sheet Wonders are awesome. Again thank you.

By Linda Plett on October 23rd, 2010 at 6:45 am

What a GREAT Holiday Helper. If I already didn’t have my 12 weeks of Christmas ready to go, I would have to buy this! Love all the step-by-step instructions and the fun, fun project!

Thank you for a great Holiday newsletter! I am going to make this project this weekend! I can hardly wait to see next week’s newsletter. I also love the reasonalbe price of your planners.

I love it! You do such a great job on this project every year. Thanks!

Thanks for doing this. I always look forward to your tips and projects.

By Peggy Taylor on October 23rd, 2010 at 6:06 pm

The first edition with the One Sheet Wonder cards looks great. Thanks for all your hard work.

Thank you so much for your generosity in sharing your hard work with us. These are great so far! It’s also a wonderful way to see exactly what it is you offer…like a little sneek peek :) Thank you again so very much!

By Barbara Pelak on October 24th, 2010 at 4:37 am

This is so awesome, Debbie! The One Sheet Wonder is such a TIME SAVER!!! Many, many thanks for sharing your creative talents!! My customers are going to LOVE this!!

Awesome! I’ve advised my downline to check out the Crafty Person site. Thank you so much – you rock!
Cynthia Stevenson

Thank you so much for the Holiday Helper. The two projects I’ve gotten so far are beautiful. The ideas are great and the work that was put into it invaluable. Thank you for sharing it.

By Georgette Valliere on October 26th, 2010 at 4:59 pm

Debbie – thank so much for sharing, that’s very generous of you! All of your instructions are absolutely wonderful! It’s so nice to be in touch with such talented and artistic people like you!

Thanks again!
Georgette Valliere – Augusta, ME

This was an amazing series and I loved loved loved each and every bit. I eagerly looked forward to each installment and was kinda sad when it ended. Definitely worth it.

By Christine Bennett on November 20th, 2010 at 2:32 pm

Hi Debbie, I haven’t received any of your Holiday Helper Yet!!! Saw you were away so was going to get in touch soon! Is it coming from the same address as this crafttech email? I have been checking online email but nothing. Hope to hear from you soon, Christine.

Christine, so sorry to hear that. I apologize. I’ll asked my Service Dept. to do some research for you on Monday. If you can, contact Linda at my Service Dept (http://contact.craftyperson.com) and send her your email address that you subscribed with and when and how you subscribed, she can get right back to you. We don’t want you to miss receiving all the great inspiration. Many of the subscribers have been inspired to create their own projects such as Jeannine Tarrio (http://debbiemcneill.com/blog/archives/2524).

QUICK TIP: I have found that if you subscribe to receive the Holiday Helper Personal-Use newsletters above, the newsletters themselves might be hiding out in your SPAM folder.

Stamping Successes!

YEA! Glad to hear you enjoyed it Angela. We would love to see your projects that you have created from the inspiration. Just post pics on your blog and send me the link in the comments or via our Service Dept at http://contact.craftyperson.com.

Stamping Successes!

Here’s a few of the featured artists for Holiday Helper 2011:

Meg Loven, Mahomet, IL
Website: http://www.lovenstamps.com
Blog: http://www.lovenstamps.com/blog

Mary Ellen (M.E.) Stites, St. Joseph, IL
Website: http://createwithme.stampinup.net
Blog: http://createwithme.com

Robin Merriman, Bristow, VA
Website: http://robinstamps4u.stampinup.net
Blog: http://www.trinitydesignstudio.blogspot.com

Tammy Fite, Albuquerque, NM
Website: http://tammyfite.stampinup.net
Blog: http://www.stampwithtammy.com

Fran Sabad, Lexington, KY
Website: http://www.franticstampers.com
Blog: http://stampersblog.franticstampers.com

Julie Edmonds, Pacific, MO
Website: http://inkyfingrz.stampinup.net
Blog: http://inkrediblestamping.com

Heather Sewczak, Dacono, CO
Website: http://www.ArtInAnEnvelope.com
Blog: http://www.HeathersCuteCards.com/blog



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